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May 6, 2009

#579: The Race: Part 3

The Race: Part 3

[[Malcolm, Munrovian Male, and Summer Glau standing around with electric skateboards]]

Malcolm Reynolds: meet a few of my friends. this is-

Male: Summer Glau! you were the best part of Chronicles.

Summer: I eat my bodyweight in food every 31 days. that’s slightly faster than the human average.

[[Summer stares off into space]]

Malcom: yeah, there’s a reason she only plays strange roles.

Male: Ah.

Summer (offscreen): I’m part of the floor now.

[[They find Jewel Staite working on a skateboard’s engine]]

Malcolm: and this is Kaylee.

Jewel: my name is Jewel, Nathan.

Malcolm: Kaylee-

Jewel: Jewel.

Malcolm Jewel is fixin’ up my new board.

Jewel: almost done!

Male: so wait. Summer’s actually weird, Jewel’s actually a mechanical whiz…

Male: …will Morena Baccarin be here? is she really a-

Malcolm and Jewel: NO.

[[Setting up for the race]]

Malcolm: Kaylee, I’ve been gunnin’ the radio hand throttle thingy for a while, but it ain’t movin'

Jewel: oh, I must’ve set it to the wrong frequency!

Male (riding around on haywire board): AAAAAAAA