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May 5, 2009

#578: The Race: Part 2

The Race: Part 2

[[Man with skateboard and gear and woman are talking]]

Man: “Why race him?” He’s Captain Reynolds!

Woman: Mr. Fillion is an actor. Firefly was years ago.

[[They go over to a computer; the man is using a phone and presumably looking up a phone number]]

Woman: He has his own life to live, and I’m sure the last thing he wants to do is indulge a fan by playing Mal for him.

[[Nathan Fillion is standing in front of a mirror in a trenchcoat]]

Nathan: (into the mirror) Name’s Captain Reynolds, ma’am. ahem Name’s Captain Reynolds, ma’am.

Someone offpanel: Nathan? Telephone!

Nathan: That’s Captain!

Someone offpanel: Fine, Captain Nathan.

Nathan: No, use my space name!

Someone offpanel: sigh

[[Nathan and the skateboarder talk on the phone]]

Skateboarder: So, how about we race for charities?

Nathan: Sure. Always did want a charity of my own.

Text between them: Come again?

Nathan: You know, boxes in supermarkets collecting food. ‘Course, ought to tack up a list sayin’ which wines I like best…

Skateboarder: Uh, that’s not quite…

Nathan: Listen, I’m the captain here.

Skateboarder: …I just got goosebumps when you said that.

Nathan: Yeah, happens to me too whenever I get captainy. I cut such a strapping figure. Buckle! Swash! All right, let’s do this race.