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May 27, 2009

#589: Designated Drivers

Designated Drivers

[[Four people are outside a bar.]]

Man #1: Wait, who’s driving?

Man #2: Why?

Man #2: Tom, right?

Man #1: Yes, but we have to leave in two groups. One of which will need at least two drivers.

[[There is a complicated flowchart with arrows between a group of people and 3 locations, labeled ‘bar’, ‘dinner’, and ‘party’. Lines point from the group of people to the bar, then to the party or dinner, then from dinner to the party and vice versa, as well as leaving the panel or entering the panel in several other directions.]]

Narrator: Someone has to get Paul, and Julia and Emily have to leave by 10:00.

Narrator: The logistics of who can get drunk are nontrivial.

[[The third man has an animal on a string behind him, which was previously not visible.]]

Man #3: Yeah, and I can’t ride in a car with the wolf because he’ll eat my goat.

Man #1: Dammit, guys.