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May 25, 2009

#588: Pep Rally

Pep Rally

[[A cheerleader stands in front of crowded bleachers.]]

[[The cheerleader is waving pompoms.]]

Cheerleader: Lakeview High is the best!

Crowd: Yeah!

Someone: Wait, why?

Cheerleader: What?

Voice: A guy on the North High football team helped me rebuild my deck.

Voice: It seems ungrateful to presume we’re better.

Voice: I mean, school districts are just based on zip codes.

Voice #2: Their principal donated a kidney to my dad.

Voice: I’m texting with my friend there now. He says it’s okay, and we’re invited to their events if we want.

Voice: But he sounded kind of hurt.

Voice #2: Why are we doing this, rally, again?

[[The cheerleader looks dejected.]]