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April 27, 2009

#574: Swine Flu

Swine Flu

Twitter is great for watching uninformed panics unfold live.

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SKEEVE37: Oh God I ate pork yesterday before I knew about swine flu!

HANNELOREEC: Without duct tape I can’t seal the door to keep out swine flu but I can’t get duct tape without going outside! Help!

PAULYSHOREFAN: How long until the swine flu reaches me here in Madagascar?

CRACKMONKEY74: Swine flu is God’s punishment for the ACLU and lesbians and 9

11 and nanobots!

TWILIGHT7531: I fell down the stairs and there was a crack and a jagged white thing is sticking out of my arm guys is this swine flu?

WIGU: @UNTOWARD: No, that sounds like syphilis, not swine flu. What did you say you did with a pig?

2011SENIORSRULE: My Dad said flu vaccines are linked to autism, so to be safe from swine flu I’m trying to lick an autistic kid.