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April 22, 2009

#572: Together


[[A male and female are running in a field, holding hands. Another male and female stand in the background, next to a table.]]

[[The man and woman are in a boat on a lake, very romantic. The man is speaking to the woman, illustrated with a heart.]]

[[The man and woman sit together on a bench on a beach, watching the sunset.]]

[[The man and woman stand at an altar. They have married.]]

[[The man and woman, having grown old together, sit together on their doorstep, holding hands.]]

[[The man begins walking away with his cane.]]

Woman: Dear? Where are you–Come back!

[[The man approaches the other couple from the first panel, who are now just as old.]]

[[The man picks up a piece of paper from the table in the first panel and begins to write.]]

Man: Okay,

[[The paper is shown: a scavenger hunt list. “Happiness” has just been checked off.]]

Man: What’s next?

[[Full list:


[X] Indian-head penny

[X] Snake skin

[X] Happiness

[ ] Four-leaf clover

[ ] Shark tooth