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March 4, 2009

#551: Etch-a-Sketch


[[A male xkcd figure is playing with an etch-a-sketch]]

Male: Hey. If draw enough lines, I can see what’s behind the screen.

Male: Oh man, almost…

Etch-a-Sketch: Hi!

[[Head of a female xkcd figure appears behind etch-a-sketch]]

Female: You’re cute!

Male: Wha-

Female: I’m the one who draws when you turn the knobs.

Female: It’s lonely in here.

Male: It’s lonely out here too.

Female: I’m glad you found me, then!

Female: Let’s be friends.

Female: And never be lonely again.

[[Panels break apart into thought bubbles coming from male as he sits with his etch-a-sketch]]

Male: sigh

[[Etch-a-sketch shows what is behind the glass; it is just the mechanics of the machine]]

[[Male shakes etch-a-sketch]]