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February 9, 2009

#541: TED Talk

TED Talk

[[Randall Monroe on stage]]

Randall - Hi. I’m Randall. Welcome to my TED talk.

Randall - it’s an honor to speak to you, some of the brightest innovators from so many fields, about a problem in desperate need of your attention:

Randall - How DO you end parenthetical statements with emoticons? I can’t figure out a good way.

[[Screen next to him shows two statements, both crossed out in red]]

Screen - “Linux (or BSD :) would…”

(in red) “looks mismatched”

“Linux (or BSD :)) would…”

(in red) “looks mismatched and weird”

[[Randall writing on a desk]]

Randall’s List - Conferences I’m banned from:





International Astronomical Union

Canadian Paleontology Conference

Every American Furry Convention

American Baking Society

Asian Dolphin-Training Conference