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December 9, 2009

#673: The Sun

The Sun

Coming this March from the makers of The Core …

[[A woman is looking through a telescope in an observatory. Two men are nearby.]]

Woman: The sun’s fusion is failing!

Man 1: (small) Does that make sense?

Man 2: (small) Whatever.

Woman: If we don’t send a ship to restart it, it could go out completely!

Man 1: Call NASA!

Man 2: (on the phone) Assemble our hottest astronauts.

[[Four astronauts stand at the other end of the phone. The one holding the handset has the helmet of a space suit under his arm.]]

Astronaut: The earth bathed in eternal darkness? A night without a dawn? Not on my watch!

Astronaut: Saddle up.

[[The four astronauts are shown in silhouette on gray, casting huge shadows towards the bottom of the panel from the sun in the center.]]


(caption) Never fall back.