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December 7, 2009

#672: Suggestions


[[A man is sitting at his computer. Facebook sidebar messages appear on the top of each panel, with a user photo and a few lines of text.]]

Facebook: Susie

Reconnect with her

(phone icon) Send her a text

Man: Come on, Facebook. I know I shouldn’t.

Facebook: Susie

She’d come over

(bed icon) You don’t have to fall asleep alone.

Man: It’s been so hard to stop. But she’s falling for me, and I can’t keep getting her hopes up like this.

Facebook: Susie

Life is complicated

(icon of stick figures embracing) She’s so warm against you. You both want it.

Man: (pulling out phone) Maybe if I just make it clear it’s not going to be a thing …

Man: Yeah, we’ll just have a talk.

Facebook: Susie

Oh yeah. Mmm …

(webcam icon) Leave your webcam on so I can watch.

Man: Okay, this feature is getting creepier and creepier.