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December 18, 2009

#677: Asshole


[[A couple watches Beret Guy drive by in an SUV.]]

Man: Look at that asshole in his SUV, thinking he’s so badass while he guzzles gas driving around suburbia.

Beret Guy: Oh no! Am I an asshole? I hope not.

[[Beret Guy trades in his keys at the dealership.]]

[[Now he is driving by in a hybrid sedan.]]

Man: Look at that smug asshole thinking he’s better than us because he drives a hybrid.

Beret Guy: …

[[He trades in his keys again.]]

[[The couple is standing.]]

Off-panel: «RUMBLE»

[[Beret Guy drives a backhoe in and smacks the couple out of the panel with the digger.]]

[[He drives off, whistling.]]