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November 23, 2009

#666: Silent Hammer

Silent Hammer

[[Hat guy is hammering something on a table.]]

Guy: What–

Hat Guy: Silent hammer. I’ve made a set of silent tools.

Guy: Why?

Hammer: «whoosh whoosh whoosh»

Hat Guy: Stealth carpentry. Breaking into a house at night and moving windows, adjusting walls, etc.

[[He takes his silent hammer over to a tool bench with other things on it. Two boxes underneath are labeled “Drills” and “Non-Drills.”]]

Hat Guy, narrating: After a week or so of questioning his own sanity, the owner will stay up to watch the house at night. I’ll make scratching noises in the walls, pipe in knockout gas, move him up to his bed, and never bother him again.

[[The events he’s describing are shown in two mini-panels below.]]

Guy, off-panel: Nice prank, I guess, but what’s the point?

Hat Guy: Check out the owner’s card, on the table.

Guy, off-panel: Chair of the American Skeptics Society? Oh, god.

Hat guy: Yeah, this doesn’t end well for him.