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October 26, 2009

#654: Nachos


[[A man is on the phone with a woman, who’s on her computer in the other half of a split panel.]]

Man: Hello? … Oh, hey. Looking for Megan? She’s gaming.

Woman: I know. You know what’s delicious? Nachos.

[[The woman clicks on her computer while talking.]]

Woman: When you layer the cheese so it gets on every chip … then smother them in sour cream and salsa …

Man: Mm, that IS delicious. And I’ve got the ingredients, too!

Woman, on phone: You should make some!

Man: I will!

Woman, on phone: Hurry.

[[The man is making nachos in the microwave.]]

Microwave: «beep» «beep» «whirrrr»

Megan, at her computer: My wifi signal!

[[The woman who called is at her computer.]]

Computer: Boom! Headshot.