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October 23, 2009

#653: So Bad It's Worse

So Bad It's Worse

Protip: Even at “Bad Movie Night,” avoid the Star Wars holiday special.

[[A graph plots movie enjoyability against movie quality. It drops steadily through points marked “Good Movie” to “Okay Movie” to “Bad Movie,” rises up again for “So-Bad-It’s-Good (Plan 9, Rocky Horror, etc),” and then drops off the bottom of a graph with an arrow pointing to where “Star Wars Holiday Special” would be. There are three mini-panels below the graph, arranged from “Good” to “Bad” along the movie quality axis.]]

[[Three friends are on a couch, drinking and gesticulating enthusiastically.]]

[[The same three are sitting quietly, with a bottle on the floor.]]

[[The three are sitting around a table, drinking and looking miserable.]]