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January 14, 2009

#530: I'm An Idiot

I'm An Idiot

[[Ponytailed stick figure approaches stick figure, who is sitting on porch steps, laptop in lap and backpack open]]

Ponytailed stick figure: Should I ask?

Stick figure: I’m locked out, and I’m trying to get my roommate to let me in.

[[unplugged cell phone on table]]

Stick figure: First I tried her cell phone, but it’s off.

[[Stick figure sitting on steps, laptop in lap and gesturing]]

Stick figure: Then I tried IRC, but she’s not online.

[[Stick figure standing in front of house and looking up at window]]

Stick figure: I couldn’t find anything to throw at her window,

[[living room with couch

easy chair and computer set up]]

Stick figure: so I SSH’d into the Mac Mini in the living room and got the speech synth to yell at her for me.

Computer: Hey I’m locked out downstairs

[[Roommate sitting at table with laptop open]]

Stick figure: But I think I left the volume way down, so I’m reading the OS X docs to learn to set the volume via command line.

[[Ponytailed stick figure facing stick figure, who is still sitting on the porch with his laptop.]]

Ponytailed stick figure: Ah.

Ponytailed stick figure: I take it the doorbell doesn’t work?

[[Ponytailed stick figure characters remain in place, Stick figure tilts head back slightly, as if staring in realization]]