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January 12, 2009

#529: Sledding Discussion

Sledding Discussion

[[Girl looks out window through blinds]]

Girl: It’s snowing!

Boy: [[from off-screen]] Sled time!

[[Girl and boy outside with sled, at the top of a hill]]

Boy: It depresses me that I’m too old to learn another language fluently. My brain’s solidified.

[[Girl and boy sledding down the hill]]

Girl: Is there one you wish you knew?

Boy: No, I just hate having options closed to me. Like I’ve given up a life that was once possible.

[[At the bottom of the hill, sled has stopped]]

Girl: Which reminds me – our anniversary is coming up.

Girl: Man, that ride failed to be a metaphor for our conversation.

Boy: Guess this isn’t the Calvin & Hobbes-model toboggan.