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September 15, 2008

#476: One-Sided


[[Caption Above Comic]] Sometimes my conversations with strangers go on for a while before I realize that they’re talking on their phones.

Guy With Backpack: Hi!

Narrator: Hi.

Guy With Backpack: What’s up?

Narrator: Uh, not a lot…

Guy With Backpack: Shit. Does Bernanke own a crossbow?

[[Background is a graph, with x-axis labeled “Length of Conversation” and y-axis labeled “How Often This Happens”. The graph looks parabolic towards the left-hand side, but as x approaches infinity, y approaches zero. A vertical dashed line runs through the graph, slightly to the right of the peak of the graph. To the right of the dashed line there is an arrow pointing to the right that is labeled “Awkward Zone”. The x-axis has a broken scale, and to the right of the break there is a very small increase in the graph that is parenthetically labeled “My Second Relationship”.]]