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July 30, 2008

#456: Cautionary


Linux: A True Story:

[[A man talks on a cell phone]]

Week One:

Female cousin [[via phone]]: Hey, it’s your cousin. I got a new computer but don’t want Windows. Can you help me install “Linux”?

Man: Sure.

[[The female cousin sits in an office chair with her laptop on her lap. She is on the phone]]

Week Two:

Female cousin: It says my XORG is broken. What’s an “XORG”? Where can I look that up?

Man [[via phone]]: Hmm, lemme show you man pages.

[[The female cousin crouches on the floor with the laptop on her lap. She is still on the phone]]

Week Six:

Female cousin: Due to auto-config issues, I’m leaving Ubuntu for Debian.

Man [[via phone]] Uh.

Female cousin: Or Gentoo.

Man [[via phone]]: Uh oh.

[[The female cousin lies on her stomach with the laptop on the floor. On the floor are several pieces of paper and a book. The man stands to her left]]

Week Twelve:

Man: You haven’t answered your phone in days.

Female cousin: Can’t sleep. Must compile kernel.

Man: I’m too late.

[[Box with text:]]

Parents: talk to your kids about Linux… Before somebody else does.