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July 23, 2008

#453: Upcoming Hurricanes

Upcoming Hurricanes

[[An unlabeled map shows the region roughly between central Canada and northern Brazil. Dotted lines indicating hurricane paths cover the map, all red except where noted.

Hurricane Illinois-Has-It-Too-Easy comes from somewhere to the northwest, goes through Illinois, and then back to the northwest.

Hurricane Where-the-Hell-Is-Bermuda enters from the east side of the map, wanders around the Atlantic in a scribble, goes north for a while, and then peters out.

Hurricane Screw-It-Let’s-Just-Trash-Florida-Again comes from the east, starts to curve to the north, and then turns sharply to head straight for Florida and zigzag through it.

Hurricane Freud starts in the Gulf of Mexico, draws a set of balls to Florida’s cock, and then comes on land and stops.

Hurricane Red and Hurricane Blue (which is a blue line) are playing a game of Tron, zipping in straight lines and right angles around Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba. Red successfully cuts off Blue and then dies shortly thereafter.

Hurricane cos(x) forms a graph of cos(x) along the bottom edge of the map.]]