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July 21, 2008

#452: Mission


[[Two figures, one in a beret, are rappelling down separate ropes into the interior workings of a large machine]]

Man 1: Okay, we’re in the belly of the machine. You got the charges?

Man 2 (with beret): The what?

[[The two are standing next to some large pieces of machinery]]

Man 1 [[gesturing]: The explosive charges!

Man 2 [[pulling out a bag]]: I just brought this bag for pastries.

Man 1: The hell? We’re on a mission here!

Man 2 [[looking around]]: This isn’t a bakery?

Man 1 [[head in hand]]: Oh, Christ, not this shit again.

Man 2 [[crouching by some lug nuts lying on a piece of machinery]]: What about these scones?

Man 1: Those are lug nuts.

Man 2 [[stuffing them in his mouth]]: …Maybe SOME of them aren’t. «crunch» Ow! «crunch»