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June 27, 2008

#442: xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel

xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel

{{The comic is in parody of the Discovery Channel commercial showing various clips of people singing a song with the chorus line “Boom De Yada”}}

{{The comic is divided into a grid of 4 by 6 panels, each depicting a character or situation from a previous XKCD strip}}

{{In each panel is written a part of a song similar to the song from the Discovery Channel commercial}}

Panel 1: (Reference Comic 162)

[[woman spinning around]]

I love momentum.

Panel 2: (Reference Comic 413)

[[woman laying on floor tinkering with EEE PC hamster ball robot]]

I love to engineer.

Panel 3: (Reference Comic 452)

[[man with beret standing in bakery holding a loaf of bread in each hand, sign with “PIE!” in background]]

I love this bakery!

Panel 4: (Reference Comic 239)

[[man with goggles and red cape (Cory Doctorow) flying superman-style]]

I love the blogosphere!

Panel 5: (Reference Comic 152)

[[man running in large hamster ball]]

I love the whole world

Panel 6:

[[depiction of internet sludge (4chan



And all its messed-up folks.

Panel 7: (Reference Comic 150)

[[man and woman immersed in playpen balls]]

Boom De Yada

Boom De Yada

Panel 8:

[[mass of playpen balls with speech “I put on my robe and wizard hat” originating from it]]

Boom De Yada

Boom De Yada

Panel 9: (Reference Comic 72)

[[black hat man taking gift away from kid with party hat]]

I love your suffering.

Panel 10: (Reference Comic 153)

[[diagram showing RSA fingerprint authentication between two people]]

I love cryptography.

Panel 11: (Reference Comic 230)

[[man and woman in bed covered by red sheet]]

I love entangled sheets.

Panel 12: (Blag)

[[man hanging from kite string holding camera]]

And kite photography.

Panel 13: (Reference Comic 256)

[[map of the internet]]

I love the whole world

Panel 14: (Reference Comic 8)

[[cube with red spider on top]]

And all its mysteries.

Panel 15: (Reference Comic 303)

[[two people sword-fighting on rolling office chairs]]

Boom De Yada

Boom De Yada

Panel 16: (Reference Comic 263)

[[class room with two students and female teacher]]

Boom De Yada

Boom De Yada

Panel 17:

[[man saying “Barack me Obamadeus!” to another man speaking energetically at a podium]]

I love elections.

Panel 18:

[[man holding schematic diagram depiction of transistor in front of his crotch]]

I love transistors.

Panel 19: (Reference Comic 69)

[[man and woman in bed, man saying “There must be taft slash fiction”]]

I love weird pillow talk.

Panel 20: (Reference Comic 49, 279, 317)

[[man speaking to woman]]

I love your sister.

Panel 21: (Reference Comic 249)

[[roller coaster with person in front car holding chess board and thinking about a move]]

I love the whole world.

Panel 22: (Reference Comic 167)

[[man with beret standing in the midst of leafless trees]]

The future’s pretty cool!

Panel 23: (Reference Comic 108)

[[woman moving toward man by means of MC Hammer slide]]

Boom De Yada

Boom De Yada

Panel 24: (Reference Comic 409)

[[man and woman moving on electric skateboard]]

Boom De Yada

Boom De Yada