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May 5, 2008

#419: Forks and Spoons

Forks and Spoons

[[Presenter with pointer stick]] Presenter: A spoon crossed with a fork is a spork.

Off-panel presenter’s voice: Our lab has successfully crossed a spork with a spoon. [[Diagram showing the fractions of fork and spoon in each item.]]

[Chart showing possible combinations of spoons a forks.]

[[Presenter in front of audience]]

Presenter: With your funding, we could create hybrids in proportions corresponding to any binary fraction.

[[Fork-Spoon Spectrum]]

Audience member: You’re toying with powerful forces here.

Presenter: We know what we’re doing.

Panel Title: Two weeks later:

[[Picture of a destroyed lab with two dead bodies, blood everywhere and a spoon-fork hybrid hopping away.]]