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April 9, 2008

#408: Overqualified


[On phone]

Girl: I know you’re not that into my sister, but she’s really crushing on you.

Boy: Yeah, it’s awkward.

Girl: She’s in a rough spot. It’s a lot to ask, but could you take her out and … dissuade her, without rejecting her?

Boy: Wait a second. Are you asking me to show her a mediocre time?

Girl: I know it’s a weird–

Boy: [Raising index finger.] No, no! This is the mission I was born for.

Girl: I figured you could handle it.

Boy: One of my classic high-school dates coming up!

Girl: Oh God. Don’t overdo it.

[Alt text: To anyone I’ve taken on a terrible date, this is retroactively my cover story.]