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April 4, 2008

#406: Venting


[[Above frame]] When I need to blow off steam, I find a particularly stupid blog comment and reply with an exhaustively researched word-by-word rebuttal, which I sign “Summer Glau”.

[[Guy sitting at computer typing away]] … In conclusion, on examining the above post by CrackMonkey74, after carefully working my way through the haze of spelling errors (documented in section 3), abuse of capitalization (section 4), and general crimes against grammar and syntax (sections 7-8), I have demonstrated that, beneath it all, the work betrays the author’s staggering ignorance of the history and the workings of our electoral system. While the author’s wildly swerving train of thought did at one point flirt with coherence, this brief encounter was more likely a chance event (see statistical analysis in table 5) than a result of even rudimentary lucidity.

 -Summer Glau

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the next season of the Sarah Connor Chronicles this fall on Fox!