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April 21, 2008

#413: New Pet

New Pet

[[Girl is placing EEE PC inside hamster ball. Guy scratches head]]

Guy: What are you doing?

Girl: Mounting your EEE PC in a hamster ball.

Girl: Well, the TCO of a cat is like $1000

year, so we’re saving money.

[[Guy is typing]]

Girl: Microcontrollers are all wired up. How’s the brain coming?

Guy: I’ve taught it obstacle avoidance and blogging.

Guy: Aww, look, it’s making friends with the Roomba."


«Roomba: Beep!»

Diagram: Webcam, RF links, bearings, omni wheels, magnets, EEE PC, omni wheels, battery

[[Hamster ball bounces down flight of stairs]]

«Hamster ball: Bonk, bonk»

Off-panel: Man, I hope it’s OK that we’re laughing at this.

[[Girl picks up ball]]

Girl: I think my mothering instinct took a wrong turn somewhere.

Guy: You mean an awesome turn.

[[Guy is typing]]

Girl: Too bad we can’t give it a soul.

Guy: Sure we can.

Guy types: import soul

Girl: Oh, right. Python.