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April 2, 2008

#405: Journal 3

Journal 3

[[Two women ice-skating outside]]

Blonde: Wait up!

Brunette (wearing Hat Guy’s Hat): Skate faster!

[[Brunette sees cracking ice]]

«Crack» «Crack»

[[Brunette on chunk of ice broken off]]

«Crack» «Rumble»

[[Submarine dorsal fin emerging]]


[[Hat Guy (minus hat) coming out of door]]

Hat Guy: Hi.

Hat Guy: That’s my hat you’re wearing.

Brunette (wearing Hat Guy’s Hat): So, you found me after all.

Hat Guy (out of frame): You didn’t make it easy.

Hat Guy: You saw through me, all right. But not quite well enough.

Hat Guy: Because if you wanted to stay lost forever, you made one mistake

[[Hat Guy sliding down a sheet of ice]]

Hat Guy: You took my hat.

[[Hat Guy swipes hat off of Brunette]]

[[Hat Guy puts it on his head while sliding]]

Hat Guy: You took my hat.

Hat Guy: I LIKE my hat.

[[Hat guy walking away]]

[[Brunette left standing there]]