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April 11, 2008

#409: Electric Skateboard (Double Comic)

Electric Skateboard (Double Comic)

[[Guy showing off electric skateboard to girl reading something]]

Guy: Check it out! An electric longboard!

Girl: Sweet!

[[Guy riding longboard with girl sitting onboard – people in background]]

Longboard: «RRRR»

[[Girl turned around on longboard]]

Girl: I feel like we’re missing something…

Guy: Yeah…

[[Guy throwing 3 green Koopa Troopa shells; girl throwing 1 red Koopa Troopa shell – like Mario Kart]]

«Music Playing»

Longboard: «RRRR»

[[Guy and girl still on longboard, going up an incline]]

Guy: Skating uphill like this is amazing. Years of gliding downhill and pushing uphill, and now suddenly it’s gliding both ways.

Longboard: «RRRR»

[[Guy and girl after passing an S-curve and boulder]]

Guy: It’s like going from C to Python. You don’t realize how much time you were spending on the boring parts until you don’t have to do them anymore.

Girl: But coding C or assembly makes you a better programmer. Maybe the boring parts build character.

[[Guy and girl on longboard…]]

Guy: Yeah… but it depends how you want to spend your life. See, my philosophy is –

[[Longboard get into an accident]]


[[Calvin and Hobbes laying down in the grass near the guy and girl laying down on the grass – Calin and Hobbes’s wagon is on the path, as is the longboard – all characters seeing stars]]