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March 7, 2008

#393: Ultimate Game

Ultimate Game

[[Split screen. Man on office phone in upper left, Death on cell phone in bottom left]]

Man: Death?

Death: Speaking.

[[Office. Man on office phone]]

Man: This is the boss. Where are you? You haven’t been up to the office in days!

Death: I’ve been held up.

[[Death on cell phone]]

Man: What happened?

Death: You know how when someone dies, they can challenge me to a game for their soul?

Man: Sure, standard procedure.

[[Room with table. Table has figurines and paper strewn about. Gary Gygax and Death seated at the table. Gary Gygax leaning over his briefcase. Death on cell phone.]]

Death: Well, we didn’t count on this guy. I might be a while.

Gary Gygax: I add the paladin to my party.

Death: Oh, Jesus. He’s getting out another rulebook.