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March 28, 2008

#402: 1,000 Miles North

1,000 Miles North

[[Van and truck travel toward mountains]]

Narrator: 1,000 miles north of tornado alley

Narrator: a new breed of scientists has emerged.

[[Man with a laptop, woman with a probe in the ground]]

Narrator: Half researchers, half adrenaline junkies

Woman: What’s the reading?

Man: 3.9 meters down, gradient’s off the charts!

[[Truck driving very fast, man holding a radio up to his head]]

Narrator: risking everything for the thrill of the hunt

Male: The freeze line is shifting! We’ve never seen anything like it!

[[4 - Barren field, mountains in background, woman holding large video camera up to tiny spot of grass]]

Narrator: Permafrost chasers

Female: I’m getting some great footage here!

Radio: Dammit, Harding, it’s not worth your neck! Get the hell out of there!