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March 17, 2008

#397: Unscientific


TV: Can a ninja catch an arrow? On this episode, we’ll find out!

Guy: Mmm, science.

Girl: Hey, Mythbusters is entertaining, but it’s not science.


Guy: Zombie Feynman!

ZF: You got a problem with Mythbusters?

Girl: They fail at basic rigor!

ZF: “Ideas are tested by experiment.” That is the core of science. Everything else is bookkeeping.

ZF: By teaching people to hold their beliefs up to experiment, Mythbusters is doing more to drag humanity out of the unscientific darkness than a thousand lessons in rigor. Show them some love.

ZF: Anyway, back to zombie stuff. I hunger for BRAAAAAIIINNS!

Guy: Try the physics lab next door.

ZF: I said brains. All they’ve got are string theorists.