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February 1, 2008

#378: Real Programmers

Real Programmers

[[A man sits at a computer, programming. Another man behind him looks over his shoulder.]]

Man: nano? REAL programmers use Emacs.

[[A dark haired woman appears behind him.]]

Woman: Hey. REAL programmers use Vim.

[[Another man appears behind her.]]

Man: Well, REAL programmers use ed.

[[Another man appears behind him.]]

Man: No, REAL programmers use cat.

[[A woman with a bun appears behind him.]]

Woman: REAL programmers use a magnetized needle and a steady hand.

[[A man enters, facing them all.]]

Man: Excuse me, but REAL programmers use butterflies.

[[Holding out a butterfly in front of the computer.]]

Man: They open their hands and let the delicate wings flap once.

[[Diagrams of flowing currents.]]

Man: The disturbances ripple outward, changing the flow of the Eddy currents in the upper atmosphere.

These cause momentary pockets of higher-pressure air to form, …

Man: Which act as lenses that deflect incoming cosmic rays, focusing them to strike the drive platter and flip the desired bit.

Emacs User: Nice. ‘Course, there’s an Emacs command to do that.

cat User: Oh yeah! Good ol’ C-x M-c M-butterfly…

[[Butterfly man slaps forehead.]]

Butterfly man: Dammit, Emacs.