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December 31, 2008

#524: Party


Hat guy: And so I hired Rick Astley to show up at her party.

Guy: And rickroll her? Isn’t that a little…last year?

Hat guy: Ah, but he’s not going to sing.

Girl 1: Hey is that Rick Astley?

Girl 2: I think it is. He just came in.

Girl 1: Oh no. Brace yourself.

Girl 1: Wait. He’s just standing there. Where’s the song?

Girl 1: He’s staring at me.

Girl 1: This is a little creepy.

Girl 1: What’s going on?

Girl 1: That’s actually Rick Astley Staring at me.

Girl 1: What’s he doing?

Girl 1: Oh God, I keep expecting it, hearing it in my head.

[[Girl 1 pulls at her hair]]

Girl 1: Just do it already!

[[Girl 1 runs stage right]]



Girl 2: Mr. Astley?

Rick Astley: Yes?

Girl 2: What did you do to her? What was that?

Rick Astley: That, my dear,

[[Rick Astley puts on sunglasses]]

Rick Astley: Is how I roll.