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December 22, 2008

#520: Cuttlefish


We visit a bio lab: [[Man and woman visit a bio lab where they look into a tank that the scientists point at.]]

Scientist- “These are cuttlefish.”

[[Image of a cuttlefish]] They’re frighteningly smart, have manipulating arms and tentacles, have ink jets, can dart backwards and see the polarization of light through their w-shaped pupils. And their sides are 200 dpi display screens which they use for camouflage and communication.

Scientist - “When we realized how intelligent they were, we began to teach them. They’ve advanced quickly. Cuttlefish: GO.”

[[Cuttlefish float out of the tank at man and woman]]

Cuttlefishes- “Kill the physicists… kill the physicists”

[[Cuttlefish zap the man and Megan as they fall]]

Man- [[Waking up from his sleep]] “Oh god. I knew it.”

XKCD - Salutes Bio Majors

[[Bottle is pouring into a flask, and a man takes the flask and drinks from it]] If we join you against the chemists, will you train your fleshy minions to leave us alive?