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December 17, 2008

#518: Flow Charts

Flow Charts

A guide to [[line break, bigger text]] understanding flow charts [[line break, normal text]] presented in flow chart form.

0.Box: Start

[[Arrow|Text=null Target=1.Box]]

1.Box: Do you understand flow charts?

[[Arrow|Text=‘Yes’ Target=2.Box]]

[[Arrow|Text=‘No’ Target=4.Box]]

2.Box: Good

[[Arrow|Text=‘Yes’ Target=3.Box]]

3.Box: Let’s go drink.

[[Arrow|Text=‘6 drinks’ Target=Final.Box]]

4.Box: Okay. You see the line labeled “yes”?

[[Arrow|Text=‘Yes’ Target=6.Box]]

[[Arrow|Text=‘No’ Target=5.Box]]

5.Box: But you see the ones labeled “no”.

[[Arrow|Text=‘Yes’ Target=End1.Box]]

[[Arrow|Text=‘No’ Target=End2a.Box]]

End1.Box: Wait, what?


End2a.Box: Listen.

[[Arrow|Text=null Target=End2b.Box]]

End2b.Box: I hate you.


6.Box: …and you can see the ones labeled “no”?

[[Arrow|Text=‘Yes’ Target=3.Box]]

[[Arrow|Text=‘No’ Target=7.Box]]

7.Box: But you just followed them twice!

[[Arrow|Text=‘Yes’ Target=8a.Box]]

[[Arrow|Text=‘No’ Target=8a.Box]]

8a.Box: (That wasn’t a question.)

[[Arrow|Text=null Target=8b.Box]]

8b.Box: Screw it.

[[Arrow|Text=null Target=3.Box]]

Final.Box: Hey I should try installing FreeBSD!