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November 3, 2008

#499: Scantron


[[A classroom scene. There are two desks, and the front one is occupied by the STUDENT. The TEACHER stands panel right facing the student.]]

Miss Lenhart (Teacher): Okay class, I’ve turned in your exams for grading. Now –

Student: Miss Lenhart?

[[View is now simply student in desk and teacher. Teacher looks horrified.]]

Student: I used a #3 pencil instead of a #2. Will that mess anything up?

Miss Lenhart (Teacher): You WHAT?

[[Teacher stands, covering her head, in front of an off-panel right explosion. The UNSEEN SPEAKER is off-panel right.]]



Unseen Speaker: OH GOD!

[[The student and teacher are left-panel, both looking shocked. The UNSEEN SPEAKER is still off-panel right.]]

Unseen speaker: OH GOD!

Unseen speaker: I’ve never seen so much blood!