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November 14, 2008

#504: Legal Hacks

Legal Hacks

[[A woman sits at her computer, a man standing behind her. The woman speaks first.]]

Woman: Another ISP’s filtering content.

Man: Thank God for Crypto.

[[The man stands alone; the woman is presumably off-panel left.]]

Man: It wasn’t that long ago that RSA was illegal to export. Classified a munition.

[[The woman, sitting in her chair, is looking back towards the man, presumably off-panel right.]]

Woman: You know, I think the crypto community took the wrong side in that fight. We should’ve lobbied to keep it counted as a weapon.

Man: Why?

[[She is now turned around in the chair looking at the man, who is in-panel again.]]

Woman: Once they get complacent, we break out the second amendment.

[[The man has his hand on his chin, contemplatively.]]

Man: …Damn.