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October 30, 2008

#497: Secretary: Part 4

Secretary: Part 4

[[The Ron Paul Revolution blimp floats]]

Pilot: Sir! The balloon is hailing us!

[[Cory Doctorow’s balloon appears]]

Cory: Ahoy.

Ron Paul: Doctorow!

Cory: I won’t let you stop this nomination. We bloggers watch out for our own.

Ron Paul: Stand aside, Cory.

Cory: Nay!

Ron Paul: Very well. Battle stations!

[[The Ron Paul Revolution blimp’s gun takes aim]]

«Whirrr kachunk»

[[Cory Doctorow’s balloon’s gun takes aim]]

«Whirrrr kachunk»

[[Both airships open fire]]

«Pew pew pew»

«Pew pew»

«Boing! Boing!»

[[Inside the Ron Paul Revolution blimp’s control room]]

Pilot: We’re taking damage!

Ron Paul: Keep firing!

Pilot: No good! We’re losing altitude!

[[Outside the Ron Paul Revolution blimp, it hangs smoking in the air]]

Ron Paul: All engines full! Pull up!

Pilot: Can’t, sir!

[[The Ron Paul Revolution blimp begins to sink, smoking more heavily]]

[[The blimp sinks further]]

Pilot: Sir, maybe if we dropped all this gold…

Ron Paul: Never!

[[Inside the control room, tilted slightly]]

Pilot: We’ve lost, sir. We have to abort.

Ron Paul: Not yet, we don’t! Open the loading bay doors.

[[Camera zooms out slightly]]

Ron Paul: You take the blimp and fall back.


Ron Paul: I’ve got a message to deliver.


[[Ron Paul tosses his cane aside]]

[[Ron Paul steadily transforms into Tron Paul]]

Narrator: RON PAUL evolves into TRON PAUL

[[Light cycle begins to form]]

[[Tron Paul bends over the light cycle]]

[[Light cycle finishes its formation]]

[[Light cycle speeds off, trailing an American flag]]