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October 27, 2008

#494: Secretary: Part 1

Secretary: Part 1

Spring 2009- The new president faces a crisis…

[[Man is talking to an unseen Mr. President, who is sitting behind a desk.]]

Man: Mr. President, the bloggers are restless

Mr. President: What are they a-twitter about now?

Man: It’s the tubes sir. They’re clogged. We put too much stuff on them.

Mr. President: How bad is it?

Man: The internet could be inoperative within days.

Man: We can’t let a crucial resource go unshepherded.

Mr. President: Go on.

Man: I recommend you appoint a Secretary of the Internet. Someone to impose some orders on this mess.

Mr. President: Ordering bloggers around? Doesn’t sound easy.

Man: No; it’s like herding lolcats.

Mr. President: What?

Man: Nothing.

Mr. President: Do you have someone in mind for the post?

Man: I know just the guy.


Phone: «Ring»

[[Man-with-hat looks away from his computer at the ringing phone]]