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January 30, 2008

#377: Journal 2

Journal 2

[[Hatguy and a girl are sitting in a train across from each other. Hatguy is writing in a journal.]]

Hatguy: «blush»

Girl: I see what you did there.

[[Girl stands up.]]

Girl: You were trying to open me up so you could hurt my feelings.

Girl: You like to hurt people.

[[Girl walks closer.]]

Girl: Well, I like to hurt people too. And you know what?

[[Girl is in Hatguy’s face.]]

Girl: whispering I’m better at it than you.

Girl: I’m about to hurt you more than you could ever hurt me.

Girl: See, I just saw right through you.

Girl: Alone of all the people you’ll ever meet, I understand you-

[[Girl hits Hatguy’s hat so it falls off.]]

[[Hatguy is surprised.]]

[[Girl catches Hatguy’s hat and puts it on.]]

Girl: -and you’ll never see me again.

[[Girl exeunt frame left.]]

[[The Guy Formerly Wearing a Hat sits alone on the train.]]