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January 14, 2008

#370: Redwall


Notes from reading redwall books for the first time since childhood.

Narrator: Some of this feels familiar.

Aragorn: Hi, I’m Aragorn.

Martin: I’m Martin.

Aragorn and Martin: I’m here to reforge my broken sword so I can lead an army against the tyrant threatening my people. I live in a world of moral absolutes and racist undertones.

Martin: Jinx!

Narrator: It startled me when characters mentioned Satan.

Redwall: “By Satan’s whiskers…”

Redwall mentions God, Jesus 0 times.

Redwall mentions Satan, The Devil 4 times.

Narrator: Harry Potter protesters, take note.

Narrator: Even as a kid this bothered me: Why does everyone leave critical secret messages as simple riddles? It’s silly to assume the intended recipient will be the only one to find and solve them. I would do things differently.

Mouse: The inscription is a message from Martin!

Old Mouse: What does it say?

Mouse: Hang on, it’s encrypted with my public key.