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September 3, 2007

#311: Action Movies

Action Movies

[[A man and a woman are talking together as they walk away from a cinema]]

Man: Another summer gone without a mindless big-budget action movie.

Woman: Huh? Die Hard was nothing BUT action!

Man: No, it was too talky.

Woman: What? Too talky?

Man: I tallied it minute-by-minute. It’s at least 60% people walking and talking. ALL those movies are.

Man: Just once, I want a real action movie. 30 seconds of exposition followed by a perfect 90-minute action scene. One with a huge budget, a good choreographer, and a great director.

Woman: And they should center it around some character we already know, someone we never get tired of watching.

Man: I think we’ve got something here…

[[A movie poster is shown]]

Movie Poster: Coming this summer

Movie Poster: River Tam

Movie Poster: Beats up EVERYONE

[[The movie shows a line of houses, there are people beat up and lying in doorways, out of windows, and on the sidewalk. River Tam is doing a flying kick into someone’s face]]