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September 24, 2007

#320: 28-Hour Day

28-Hour Day

[[There is a diagram which shows the hours in a week. It has sections labeled “bed” and below has sections labeled “night.” They do not line up.]]

[[Two men are talking together.]]

First man: You have trouble sleeping right?

Second man: Only when your mom is over.

[[First man is now pointing to a chart.]]

First man: Since your work is flexible-

Second Man: -Like your mom-

First Man: -you should try the 28-hour day - 20 awake, 8 asleep (or 19

9 if you prefer).

Second Man: I prefer your mom.

First Man: It synchs up with the week - you spend weekdays awake normally, then on weekends you can go out all night.

Second Man: Just like your mom.

First Man: It means four extra hours daily. You can stay up until you’re exhausted every day and then spend a full 9 hours asleep each night!

Second Man: But how much time can I spend doing your mom?

First Man: You? I’m guessing three or four minutes, tops.

Second Man: …Well played.