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September 14, 2007

#316: Loud Sex

Loud Sex

[[Man in bed, covering his head with pillow.]]

Narrator: My neighbor has loud sex.




Narrator: Good for her and all, but it keeps me up at night.

[[Man and neighbor coming out of their apartments.]]

Neighbor: Sorry, could you hear us last night? Oh, you know how it gets sometimes.

Narrator: (small) Not really…

[[Girl with “LOUD” and an arrow pointing to her.]]

Narrator: But tonight I finally get my revenge. Because now I have a loud girlfriend too.

[[Diagram of an elliptical reflector dish.]]

Narrator: And an elliptical reflector dish.

[[Man and his girlfriend having sex, with dish behind them, with sex sound effects coming off the dish, through walls, to his neighbor sitting up in bed while holding her head in pain.]]