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August 3, 2007

#298: Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil

[[Two figures, one wearing a hat stand near a tesla coil mounted on a table.]]

No hat: I finally finished my Tesla Coil!

[[The room is dark; characters appear as faint blue outlines on black background. No hat turnss on the Tesla Coil «click» and it sparks white static electricity. «gzzzzzz»]]

Hat Man: Cool, but-

Hat Man: Check this out

[[Lightning shoots out of Hat Man’s hands «gzzzzzz»]]

[[The lights are back on]]

No Hat: How did you do that?

Hat Man: The world doesn’t actually make any sense. Science doesn’t work. No one told you because you’re so cute when you get into something.

Hat Man: [[Floting up the frame]] Still, neat toy.

No Hat: [[Pointing to Hat Man]] Now you’re hovering!

Hat Man: I guess you’re still not getting this.