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June 6, 2007

#273: Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum

((Everything is one big panel.))

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

These waves travel through the electromagnetic field. They were formerly carried by the aether, which was decommissioned in 1897 due to budget cuts.

Other waves:

[[Three parallel scales are across the bottom. The first is lambda (m), ranging from 100Mm to 100fm; second is f (Hz), which starts at 1 Hz and reaches 100 THz about 2

3 of the way along, after which the labels read “other entertaining greek prefixes like peta- exa- and zappa-”; last is Q (Gal^2

Coloumb), whose labels are 17, 117, pi, 17, 42, theta, e^pi-pi, -2, 540^50, and 11^2. Above the scales and lined up accurately with the first two are the following:]]

7 NPR pledge drives, a very thin band for the space rays controlling Steve Ballmer, 99.3 “The Fox,” 101.5 “The Badger,” 106.3 “The Frightened Squirrel,” cell phone cancer rays, CIA, ham radio, kosher radio, shouting car dealership commercials)

cosmic rays (10pm and smaller); above that is a bar marked Sinister Google Projects which also trails off into higher frequencies, and blogorays, which are slightly lower.