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June 15, 2007

#277: Long Light

Long Light

[[A man in a car, sitting at a red light.]]

Man: This light always takes forever. I’d like to smack the idiot who designed this intersection.

[[An engineer steps up onto the hood of the man’s car.]]

Engineer: Hi.

Man: Who the hell are you?

Engineer: I designed this intersection.

Engineer [[arms spread outward]] : You’re right - I should have just made the light shorter! Never mind the hours of simulation and testing I did. Never mind that this intersection interacts with it’s neighbors in a complicated way and it took me a week to work out timing sequences that avoided total jams.

Engineer: Clearly, I’m a crappy engineer and you have a better solution. Go on, show me your proposed timings.

Man: Get the hell off my hood before I start driving and fling you into traffic.

Engineer: You can’t. Light’s red.

Man: Well, when will it change?

Engineer: Tuesday.