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May 4, 2007

#257: Code Talkers

Code Talkers

[[A man is looking at a computer monitor and speaking into a microphone]]

Man 1: A’la’ih, do’neh’lini,

do’neh’lini, a’la’ih,

do’neh’lini, a’la’ih,

do’neh’lini, do’neh’lini,

a’la’ih, a’la’ih,

do’neh’lini, a’la’ih,


do’neh’lini …

[[Two men are talking nearby:]]

Man 2: For added security, after we encrypt the data stream, we send it through our Navajo code talker.

Man 3: …Is he just using Navajo words for “Zero” and “One”?

Man 2: Woah, hey, keep your voice down!