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May 28, 2007

#269: TCMP


[[Two guys and a girl are standing in a room, the first guy holds a keyboard.]]

First guy: Hey, help me test the Transconsciousness Messaging Protocol.

Second guy: What’s that?

First guy: I’ve been training myself to keep my fingers moving slightly as I fall asleep, so I can type from inside dreams.

[[First guy sitting on his bed]]

First guy: I’m going to sleep now. My computer will relay my messages to you as I explore the dream world.

[[In the dream: (first guy standing in what looks like a forest.)]]

First guy: So strange to think none of this is real. And yet I have this lifeline to the internet back home.

First guy: A chance to speak from one reality to another. I feel like Bell & Watson. I get to write the inaugural TCMP message. Let’s see… [[types on the keyboard]]

[[outside: (girl sitting at a computer, second guy standing behind her)]]

Girl: “F1rst pøst!!”?

Second guy: Great. He’s jumped straight to transreality trolling.