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May 21, 2007

#265: Choices: Part 2

Choices: Part 2

[[A boy is doing some excercises in a book. The clock on the wall says 12:50 or 13:50.]]


Chapter 15: Special Relativity

Problem 1:

Two spacecraft transmit messages to each other while passing at constant velocities of…


Boy: «sigh»

[[Label: Meanwhile:]]

[[A girl in a bubble and a spacecraft are moving towards each other. Each one has a velocity vector drawn before themselves, each showing a velocity of 0.2c.]]

[[They pass each other.]]

Spacecraft: We observe your speed to be 38.5%c, and your time is passing at 92.3% the rate of ours. Does this mirror your observations?

Girl: Please help me. I think I’m lost.

[[They continue with the same velocity vectors. The girl is looking back at the spacecraft.]]