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May 11, 2007

#260: The Glass Necklace

The Glass Necklace

[[A man is drawing a diagram of a cylinder with electrical terminals on either end]]

[[The man is shown at a workbench making the device in a workshop]]

[[He kneels down on a beach and scoops up sand]]

[[He pours the sand into the cylinder]]

[[He ties a spool of string to one end of the cylinder, and ties a deflated weather balloon to the other end]]

[[The weather balloon is inflated, and raised up into the clouds as thunder rumbles]]

[[The end of the string is tied to a stake in the ground, and lightning is flashing in the background]]

[[Lightning hits the balloon, travels through the cylinder, and fuses it’s contents]]


[[The man follows the string to find the cylinder]]

[[He detaches it, opens it, removes a solidified piece, and admires the piece]]

[[He takes the stone to a jeweler]]

[[The jeweler examines, grinds, and sets the now-shining stone in a necklace]]

[[The man approves of the final result]]

[[He gives it to a woman]]